Ashes / Sea Glass

You've probably seen some of my designs on social media that you're not able to find listed on my website, namely memorial jewellery and custom sea glass work.

These pieces are created in full collaboration with the client and require a little more back and forth before I take on the order.

I've brought together a small catalogue of my most popular pieces for you to browse, and get an idea of style options and prices.

If you'd like to start a conversation about a similar piece, go ahead and use the contact form here.

With ashes in glass, you have options in regards to background colour, shape and design complexity.  Only the latter affects the price of these items.


Simple pendant on cord

Ocean themed ashes pendant with silver shell detail

More detailed, on chain

Green ashes memorial pendant with feather detail

Highly detailed design

With sea glass rings, you have options regarding whether you want the glass cut and shaped, whether you want other stones included, type of precious metal used (silver or gold) and complexity.  All of these things influence the price.


White sea glass ring

Cut/shaped, swirl

Blue sea glass ring with diamonds

With additional stones

Teal sea glass ring with diamonds and gold

With gold & diamonds