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Sea Glass cutting & shaping kit

Sea Glass cutting & shaping kit

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The complete starter kit for cutting and shaping your own sea glass!

The kit comes with 6 glass-cutting saw blades, you can choose between 0.25mm or 0.35mm wire, or a mix of both to cover you for any beach glass project.

I recommend 0.25mm wire for thinner pieces of glass, or for cutting beach glass intended for dainty projects like rings.  The 0.35mm wire is great for thicker pieces of seaglass and larger projects like pendants and cufflinks.

Blades are cut to size to fit the miniature saw frame included in the kit.  To fit the blade, unscrew one end of the saw, insert the blade and re-tighten securely.  Then squeeze the saw frame tightly together and insert the other end, the blade should be nice and taut once you release your hand.

Glass-cutting blades are coated with the same tough grit you'll find on the grinding/shaping card.  Glass is a coarse material though that will eventually grind your blades smooth.  It's time to change your saw blade when there is no longer any progress with cutting.

However, since all sides are grit coated, you can first re-insert your blade back to front to ensure all the grit is spent.  When the blade appears smooth under a loupe, discard and replace.

When working with glass, keep the glass quenched in water at all times.  The glass shaping card is perfect for this as it won't disintegrate like sandpaper as you repeatedly use it wet.

It's recommended you wear gloves and glasses when working with glass, and your workspace should be well ventilated for safe sawing and polishing.


Sea Glass
Beach Glass


Mini saw frame with 6.5cm opening
7cm long saw blades
8cm x 5cm grinding card

Care information

Keep all components wet whilst in use with glass, dry before storing. Use appropriate safety equipment when working with glass.


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